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Website philosophy

All of our websites are coded by hand to ensure the utmost quality of HTML and improved loading times; We validate all of our HTML against the W3C standards, and fully test in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Other companies will often use 'hacks' to ensure their websites display consistently across different browsers.
We don't do this, because we believe that if you code to the standards then the browsers will agree. Also, when using hacks, you can never be certain that your website won't break in a future version of a browser; by sticking to the standards you can.

The same applies to search engine optimisation - many companies try to trick the search engines into boosting their ranking, using a plethora of different techniques including hidden text, irrelevant paid-for links from 'link farms' and misleading meta tags.
Any of these techniques may boost your ratings temporarily (i.e. in time for the cheque to clear), but the search engines do not like being tricked and will generally penalise any site found to be using these techniques, which results in your ranking being reduced and is very hard to recover from.
We believe that a site should be promoted naturally, by having useful content, good structure and relevant links (both inwards and outwards) and by generally being honest. It also helps when the page uses completely valid markup because the search engines can then be more confident that you are not trying to subvert them.


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