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Custom spam signatures

We regularly add custom signatures to our anti-virus and anti-spam systems to catch the most prevalent or annoying messages immediately.
Our current list of custom signatures is shown below. If you feel that a message has been falsely tagged with one of these, please get in touch and we will review or remove the signature.

As these signatures are completely custom, their names are fairly meaningless. This page is largely to make those names searchable.

Rejected at SMTP level

These signatures are added to our anti-virus system which means that messages will be rejected at SMTP level.
The error (bounce) message will refer to a virus being found, but in this instance is likely to be a spam signature and not a virus per se.

Tagged and filed

These signatures are added to our anti-spam system which occurs after messages have been accepted on the server. No bounce messages are generated at this point.
Messages that reach a sufficiently high score will be tagged. They may further be filed into a spam folder or moved to trash (client's choice), but will always include a report detailing which signature(s) matched.


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