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We offer a complete range of business telephony equipment and services

Over the years we have dealt with various telephone technologies - analogue, digital and IP based. Recently the industry has moved overwhelmingly towards VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and we were early adopters.

VoIP enables a lot of features which were not possible, or were prohibitively expensive, with traditional systems. This includes remote working, mobile offices, voicemail to email and video conferencing.

We have used several different VoIP providers over the years, but have been using voipfone since 2014 because their service has been exemplary and their support is second to none.

One of the great benefits of VoIP is that it's based on open standards, which means that you're not tied to a single brand. Each device can be specified based on the user's needs rather than simply being limited to the own-brand devices that work with a particular PABX.

We have used all of these brands successfully:


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