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Features available:

Spam identification

Our server will analyse incoming messages to determine their likelihood of being spam.
Due to the ever changing nature of spam, no system is perfect and there is a possibility of 'false positives' (messages identified as spam which in fact are legitimate). We therefore tag the message subject to indicate that it is likely spam allowing you to easily filter those messages within your email client.

Spam filtering

For customers that receive a lot of spam, simply identifying the message on the server is not enough, it needs to be removed from the incoming email.
For this situation, we have a system that will separately file any message with a spam score of 7 or more and/or delete any message with a score of 10 or more (5 or more is considered likely spam).
This technique gives the best solution because if a message is misidentified as spam, it will still be accessible through webmail or IMAP, however the bulk of your email will arrive in your normal inbox, spam free!

After a message has been in your spam box for 30 days, it will be deleted automatically to conserve disk space.

You can configure auto-reply, forwarding and spam filtering through webmail at mail.atec.co.uk/webmail

Out of Office autoreply

You can now set up an autoreply on your emails! This is a very sought-after feature, requested by many clients.
When you know you're going to be away from your email for several days, it is often useful to automatically reply to incoming email with a notice stating when you'll be back; This system allows you to do exactly that.
Also, if you forget to set this before you leave the office, it's no longer a problem - the configuration is web based so you can set it from anywhere with an internet connection!

You can configure auto-reply, forwarding and spam filtering through webmail at mail.atec.co.uk/webmail


Particularly useful in conjunction with the Out of Office autoreply, forwarding allows you to divert your incoming messages to a colleague while you're away.
You also have the option of retaining a copy for yourself so that you can catch up on your return.

You can configure auto-reply, forwarding and spam filtering through webmail at mail.atec.co.uk/webmail

Authenticated SMTP

The email sending protocol, SMTP, was devised when the internet was in it's infancy and there was no spam. As such, you could use any outgoing server you wanted to. Unfortunately, this system was abused by spammers and servers were quickly changed to only accept connections from directly connected computers.
This provides a reasonable level of accountability, but has a major drawback in that if you use more than one internet provider (eg landline based and mobile), you have to reconfigure your email account settings for each connection.
To bypass this problem, there is 'authenticated SMTP', which allows you to use a server without being directly connected to it by authenticating with a username and password. You therefore retain accountability whilst still having the flexibility of using any internet connection.

Web mail

Web mail solves two problems many people have experienced:
1: If you want to check your emails but are away from your own computer, or your computer is broken, you can use webmail from any internet connected computer.
2: A large email gets stuck, normally unable to be downloaded due to a poor connection. You can log into webmail and view/delete the message from within your web browser.

You can access webmail by going to www.your.domain/webmail, or mail.atec.co.uk/webmail

Custom email solutions

We are also able to offer custom email handling to meet particular requirements, examples include:


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