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What is this?

The domain availability checker tests whether a domain has already been registered, or if it's still available.
If the domain is already taken, it will show the details of the domain owner and registration status, from a 'whois' lookup.

How do I use it?

To lookup a domain, you enter the domain name without the TLD, then select the TLD(s) from the box to the right.
You can select multiple TLDs by holding down the 'control' key on your keyboard (normally labelled 'Ctrl') while clicking on each item.
Once completed, press the 'Check' button to perform a lookup.

Valid characters for a domain are the numbers 0-9, the letters a-z and the hyphen. A dot is not valid as it is a separator...
Consider the address www.example.com broken down:

Once you own a domain name, you can set up as many host names within that domain as you wish
e.g.: with the domain fruits.co.uk you could set up apple.fruits.co.uk, orange.fruits.co.uk, banana.fruits.co.uk, etc

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